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Grip + Glow Body Grip - Limited Edition Feelin' Peachy (150ml)

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Celebrating #sundaybumday with our 🍑 printed bottles and amazing peach fragrance! 

LIMITED to summertime only so get it while you can! 

The GRIP + GLOW range is designed for Pole fitness enthusiasts that would like a little help with body grip to improve their training or performances.

How to use Grip + Glow:

Spray the desired amount on to your skin and wait for it to fully dry. Once dry our ingredients get to work and will give you improved grip!

Tip: All skin types are different and it may require a little trial & error to find out how long before training you need to apply. For dry skin, we recommend right before training. For other skin types you may need to apply before warm up or even in the morning (Yes the grip will last that long!) 

Not recommended for hands. 


  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty free 🌱
  • Check out our ingredients here.
  • Once opened use within 12 months.
  • Please note this product is non-refundable.